About Kaometry


Who we are

Kaometry is originally a music label, based in Berlin / Germany and Valencia / Spain.
Only 2 persons are responsible for Kaometry. Fred, taking care of the Web and Music, and Thierry, taking care of the Graphical direction.
Through the years, both of them grew up professionally and artistically, and tried to bring their experience and vision into Kaometry. So it was just a matter of time before they provide web services.

Our history

Kaometry has been created in London in 2007, from the underground scene. It came from the need of publishing their own music, and pushing things the way they wanted. Then, following its multicultural genesis, Fred and Thierry moved respectively to Berlin and Valencia.
Through the years they slowly develop their world, and their network...
The first years were mostly about developing their website, finding their own direction, and building up their network.
After more than a decade of helping other people's parties, being intensively involved in 7 sounds system in France, UK and Germany, from the free and squat party scene, and working as technicians for bigger commercial events / companies, in 2010 they finally started doing their own parties in Valencia, but then in Berlin, London, Brussels, and Bristol.
In 2011, they slowly released digital releases, but also vinyls and cds.
After 4 years of professional experience with web, servers, and websites, Fred decided in 2015 to have his own server, and share his skills for other people.

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